Assembly 2010

Chicago, Illinois, February 24 - 27, 2010


Resolutions Passed


For the 2010 Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus, Chicago, Illinois


TITLE OF THE RESOLUTION: Funding for Youth and Young Adult members of the Caucus Board

Submitted by:Ronald H. MillerDiocese of Maryland


RESOLVED, that this 30th Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus reaffirms its commitment to the participation and presence of Youth and Young Adults at the Caucus Assembly, and  be it further


RESOLVED, that the board  be asked to factor money for travel and registration costs of Youth and Young Adult members of the board into the individual cost of the Assembly, and  be it further


RESOLVED, that members both of the Caucus and the Board be encouraged to make additional contribution toward this cost.


EXPLANATIONFor years the Caucus has encouraged, in various ways, an active Youth and Young Adult presence at the assembly and in the ongoing life of the Caucus.  This action would make such participation less of a hardship for such younger members and their sponsoring parishes and dioceses.



For the 2010 Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus, Chicago, IllinoisTITLE OF THE


RESOLUTION: Support the Episcopal Service CorpsSubmitted by: Earl Kooperkamp, Diocese of New York


RESOLVED, recognizing the importance of providing young adults opportunities to deepen their faith through engagement of critical social justice issues, periods of reflection and service, this 30th Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus commends the work of the Episcopal Services Corps and its constituent member programs. The Episcopal Service Corps challenges young adults not with the questions of “what do you want to do?” but with the deeper question of “who do you want to be?” and how is God calling you to be that person? Through their year of service in economically disadvantaged areas, serving the homeless and hungry, children and youth at risk and other marginalized people, the participants in the Episcopal Service Corps begin a life long journey in their faith and in their calling.


The Episcopal Urban Caucus gives thanks to God for the programs that have served to encourage and inspire young adults and gives further thanks for the growth and development of this network. Part of our calling as Christians is to “Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ,” and we commend the Episcopal Service Corps for undertaking this work with young adults.


EXPLANATION The Episcopal Service Corps ( was founded in 2009 to work with service/learning programs for young adults with located throughout the Episcopal Church. These programs, some existing for over 20 years, have trained and challenged young adults and provided them with a time and a place for discerning their gifts and deepening their faith. The Episcopal Service Corps is also committed to expanding the number of programs available to young adults. A high priority for the Episcopal Service Corps is to increase the diversity of the young adult participants in the member programs. As the young  adults engage in a year of service, social justice activities and reflection, they are prepared to lead the Church in the near future.



For the 2010 Assembly of the Episcopal Urban CaucusChicago, Illinois


TITLE OF THE RESOLUTION: Support the Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment

Submitted by: Helene P. de Boissiere-SwansonDiocese of California


RESOLVED, That the 30th Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus recognizes with gratitude the action of the 2009 General Convention in endorsing another attempt to amend the U S Constitution to include equal rights for women, and be it further 


RESOLVED that the Caucus urges its members and friends to devote time and energy to encouraging support for this amendment, and be it further


RESOLVED that the secretary be asked for forward a copy of this resolution to the Episcopal Church Office of Government Relation.



For the 2010 Assembly of the Episcopal Urban CaucusChicago, Illinois


TITLE OF THE RESOLUTION: Reinstating Union Cleaning Workers at the Episcopal Church CenterSubmitted by: Earl KooperkampDiocese of New York


RESOLVED, in this Lenten season of reflection, reconciliation and renewal, this 30th Assembly of the Episcopal Urban Caucus calls upon the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori and the staff of the Episcopal Church Center to reinstate unionized cleaning workers at the Episcopal Church Center. We call for the reinstatement of these workers by the Day of Resurrection, Easter, April 4, 2010 and be it further 


RESOLVED that this resolution be sent immediately to Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori.


EXPLANATION On January 1, 2010, Benjamin Enterprises, a minority owned by non-union firm, took over the cleaning contract at the Episcopal Church Center. This displaced 9 unionized cleaning workers who had given years of dedicated service to  the Episcopal Church Center. Recognizing that labor unions have lifted many workers out of poverty and given our Church's stance on the importance of anti-poverty initiatives, this resolution calls for the reinstatement of the unionized cleaning workers at  the Episcopal Church Center and recognizes that this issue gives the entire Church the opportunity to reflect on our manner of dealing with all who work in or for the Church to raise a new and higher ethical standard in their treatment.


We recognize the difficult financial situation of the Church office. We grieve the staff cuts that were made. We also recognize that the cleaning workers have given decades of dedicated service to the Episcopal Church Center. Our biblical faith, our Church teachings and the resolutions of our General Convention, such as D047 of 2006 General Convention, all mandate that we, as a Church, as the body of the faithful, must not balance our budgets on the backs of the poor and working people. Our Lord Jesus demands nothing less: “Just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40)


At this time of economic distress, the call for reinstatement of the union cleaning workers at the Episcopal Church Center is an opportunity for our Church to reflect at all levels how provisions are made for fair treatment of those who work for the Church.  We must negotiate with contractors and sub-contractors that their employees receive Living Wages and adequate benefits for themselves and for their families when doing work for Episcopalians.  We must strive to provide Living Wages, health benefits and pensions for our direct employees on the national, diocesan, and parish levels. As we seek to resist the scourge of poverty and its attendant evils visited upon our society and the world, our faithful actions in this regard will make a difference.


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