• EUC Assembly 2021

    EUC Assembly 2021

    Meeting the Challenges of an Equitable and Just Society

  • Systemic Racism and Medical Apartheid

    Systemic Racism and Medical Apartheid

    A Diocese Explores Pathways to Reparations



    The Episcopal Urban Caucus will continue to speak up, speak out, and do our part to name and respond to injustice against God’s people.

  • standing in solidarity

    standing in solidarity

    The Episcopal Urban Caucus stands in solidarity with all Asian Americans in this time of increased violence…

  • Year End Reflection

    Year End Reflection

    We move forward in hope that restoration will occur and pray for strength, courage, and fortitude.

  • 2020 Virtual Assembly

    2020 Virtual Assembly

    This year’s October 9th Episcopal Urban Caucus 2020 Assembly dealt with the topic of housing devaluation and gentrification head on.

  • What To A Slave Is The Fourth Of July

    What To A Slave Is The Fourth Of July

    Listen to Excerpts of Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech

  • A Call to Action

    A Call to Action

    White Supremacy in the Age of Covid