2019 Episcopal Urban Caucus Assembly

The Church & The Gentrifying City: Reimagining Urban Ministry

March 20 - 23, 2019

Indianapolis, IN

Session Descriptions

Final descriptions may be subject to slight changes.

Right to the City: A Framework for Equity, Inclusion & Flourishing

This plenary session will explore unified response to gentrification embodied in the Right to the City Alliance which aims to halt the displacement of low-income people, people of color, marginalized LGBTQ communities, and youths of color from their historic urban neighborhoods. What are the lessons and implications of leveraging shared principles and a common frame and theory of change to build racial justice, urban justice, human rights, and democracy in our cities?


Place Matters: Equitable Regional Development

This plenary will explore the ways nonprofits, churches, and community organizers in Memphis are addressing the pervasive systemic challenge of the segregation of people and resources.   Our panelists are co-laboring as a community of practice to address gaps in traditional community development and economic development.


Responding to the Neoliberal Turn of the City: Context for Organizing & Ministry

This plenary will examine the state of the City using analysis grounded in political economy.  From Detroit to Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles, the accumulation of capital without a serious investment in the disrupting community building, politics and a sense of the commonwealth. Join us for a rich engagement concerning the context for organizing and ministry in the City.


Stories, Transformation & Gentrification: Contextual Urban Ministry

This workshop will explore the changing city and provide participants with tools gained 40 years of contextual urban ministry.  Narrative and story will be used as an invitation to examine examples of transformation and renewal of communities in gentrifying spaces.


Practical & Political Theology of Care of Creation

This workshop will examine the work and ministry of creation care and environmental justice.  This interactive session will feature stories and concrete examples of faith-rooted organizing and advocacy to promote the work of environmental stewardship and justice.

Beyond Rethinking Church in the Age of Gentrifying City

This plenary will explore the reformulation of church in the gentrifying space.  Panelists will engage participants in an interactive session aimed at examining the formula that gives today’s missional church meaning and purpose. How do we reimagine church for today’s urban context? What are the innovations we are invited to make in the rapidly changing context of the City? This ecumenical panel will provide a framework for further group discussion, engagement and exploration.


Beyond Rethinking Church in the Age of Gentrifying City – Workshop

This interactive workshop builds on the plenary of the same name.  Participants will engage in a dialogue and conversation intended to grapple concretely with the implications of the questions raised in the plenary.


Envisioning & Creating Alternatives in a Transitioning Community: A Jubilee Center Story

Jubilee Ministries and Centers are an invaluable asset to urban ministries in numerous contexts.  This workshop will explore ways to develop and enhance Jubilee Ministries for justice-making in the Gentrifying City.


Organizing for a Just City

Community organizing is an essential component to justice making in the city.  This workshop explores concrete ways and tools to expand the church’s capacity to engage in this important work.  Participants will take away strategies for building organizing into the ministry of faith communities.


A Way Forward: Sanctuary, Right to the City & Beyond

How do we create spaces of sanctuary in the City?  Is our work limited to fighting for the right to the City?  How do we engage in the prophetic ministry, advocacy and justice making with those who have been forced out of the City? This interactive plenary will afford participants an opportunity to engage the multi-layered work of faith communities in the context of gentrification. 


The Work: Creating Inclusive, Equitable and Just Communities

This interactive roundtable plenary will provide an opportunity for panelists and participants to grapple with the challenges, opportunities, strategies, and values undergirding the faith-rooted justice making in the Gentrifying City.

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