Church & The Gentrifying City: Beyond Community Development


Episcopal Urban Caucus 2020 Assembly
Now available for viewing on YouTube! Click the link below to view!

Since deciding to postpone the 2020 Assembly, the Episcopal Urban Caucus Board of Directors has continued to engage in deep conversations with the Memphis area planning committee and the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee. 

Our current plans are to reschedule for October 7 - 10, 2020.  Please know that those of you who have already registered for the March Assembly will be able to apply your registration fee to the October date.  We remain committed to keeping you, the broader church and the Memphis community posted on updates as we continue the launch of our redesigned website. 


Jurgen Moltman reminds us that  our eyes can be opened to the God's truth if we remember that at the center of our faith stands an "unsuccessful, tormented Christ, dying in forsakenness."  It is in remembering this core tenet of our faith that we understand the liberating power of God raising the crucified Christ and making him the hope of the world.  A hope that leads us to 'break our alliance with the powerful and enter into  solidarity with the crucified classes of our cities.'

Each new day since the outbreak of the pandemic reveals the depths of the structural racial and class-based inequalities at the core of American society.  On the other side of the shelter in place orders and our emerging new normal lies the critical work of reimagining our cities, our nation and the world.  And, the church is no different. 


And this reimagining work is not new for the Urban Caucus.  Let us stay in touch now.  Let us and each other  know how we are continuing to do this work during these stressful times.

So, we invite you to join us in our rescheduled Assembly 2020.  It promises to enhance our discernment and action as we emerge from the pandemic.  For clearly, we must co-labor anew with our "partners in God's working the City face to face."  For the Church in the Gentrifying City must move beyond community development. 

May we all continue to pray and walk in solidarity with one another. 



The Board of Directors of the Episcopal Urban Caucus Easter 2020​​

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.